Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Belly Dancing too!

Maui No Ka Oi! That’s what they say! So Thankful to live, work and play on Maui! Two Thanksgiving dinners with great friends yesterday! Really tried to show self-restraint but, of course HAD to have a taste of every desert! Hello Pumpkin cheesecake! Sprang out of bed this Black Friday morning to meet Cissy for our weekly “butt walk!”

What is the weekly butt walk? We meet at Baby Beach and walk waist-deep in the ocean to burn off some of those calories, catch up on life stories and inspire each other for the future! Not a bad way to burn calories! Beautiful Maui morning…

Cissy persuaded me to enroll in a 6 hour belly dance workshop in Oahu in a few weeks! We’ll see how that goes….since I’ve never belly danced before! Ha! But I’m committed now! I think my Love The Beach clothes will look absolutely fabulous belly dancing….whether or not I know what I’m doing!?….maybe that Belly Dancing will inspire some new design ideas! ….stay tuned!